Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vegan option for pizza? 

Our New York style dough, cauliflower gluten free crust and pizza sauce are all vegan. You can substitute Daiya vegan mozzarella to make any vegetarian pizza vegan (and dairy free). 

Do you offer slices of vegan pizza? 

We currently do not offer slices of vegan pizza, however it may become a thing in the future. Let us know if you'd like this option!

Are the breadsticks and sandwiches vegan?

Our breadsticks can be ordered vegan (no garlic butter) and also topped with melted vegan cheese. Our sandwich bread is also vegan and is used to make our famous Vegan Grinder!

What is Impossible Sausage? 

Impossible Sausage is a plant based meat substitute that is seasoned and cooked to resemble our traditional Italian sausage pizza topping. We cook and season it in-house and it can be added or substituted to almost any pizza or sandwich.

Do you have gluten free options?

We offer a 12" gluten free cauliflower crust that can include both traditional and vegan toppings. Please note, we are not a gluten free kitchen, however we do our best to avoid cross-contamination and cook our gluten free pies in a separate oven. 

Do you offer gluten free slices?

We are not able to offer gluten free pizza by the slice or in sizes other than the 12" at this time.

Looking to order for takeout or delivery? Click the Order Online link in the header for online ordering at our stores. There's a $40 minimum for deliveries.